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Who are we and how did we get here?

We became colleagues over fifteen years ago, and found that we worked together well as a great team. Penny's ability to see the big picture coupled with Melody's love of detail created a team that was unexpectedly productive and successful.

Over the years we also supported each other through pretty much every trauma that life can throw at a person : cancer (both of us), illness and death of parents, a hijacking, relationship breakups as well as financial stress due to these traumas. It's not hard to see how that could change us from colleagues into friends.

Of course, it helps that we really like and admire each other. We laugh a lot together. We get each other. It's really special.

The idea for the White Rabbit Sauce School evolved over the years. Looking back at all the situations in which we found ourselves and all the conversations that ensued, it seems obvious now that this was where we were heading. It's the perfect joint venture for us!

There are so many skilled and talented course creators out there. What we do is support them in publishing and marketing their courses. We carefully curate and assess the courses to ensure quality and value for money and only the best get "The White Rabbit Stamp of Approval'.

If you are hungry for knowledge and information, you can sign up for our courses with confidence that you are learning from true experts and receiving truly excellent material.

Melody and Penny
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