Writing Life - Writing for Children

Writing for children and young people

… And why it is important

A course in ten parts

This ten-part course by Lesley Beake, an internationally known writer for children and young people, takes you through a very personal view of writing for the most important people in the world – the young.

The course includes this preface with some general information and a summing up at the end of thoughts on writing for children.


This course will be very informal. There will be many stories and stories about stories. It is based on a lifetime of reading and being read to, telling and being told stories, writing. It represents one writer’s way of going about the job – and it is a job, not a divine inspiration. I will not be using an academic approach and I don’t follow any rules!

Like all jobs, writing takes time to learn, practice to make even halfway perfect and an ability to really, really look at what is in your landscape of your world.

Writing for anyone is hard work. Writing for children is a mission. It also happens to be the best fun you can pretty much have.

I have used short extracts from books that I have loved and shared with children. I acknowledge each book in the body of the chapter. There are also many specially created paragraphs, beginnings, endings … ideas to get you started.

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